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Breaking News – For Uganda

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10,000 copies of The Missing Peace Booklet are now ready to be shipped to Uganda, they will be leaving in a few days time, I'll keep you updated when they arrive. I have now returned from Serbia and I am so excited in all that God is doing there. The adrenaline is still running fast after seeing the growth in the churches and also the spiritual growth. I want you to join with me in Thanking and Praising God for answered prayer, also to thank you for your prayers and support not only for Serbia but for other countries God lays on your hearts. My health held up and I managed to get some swimming in which was also good for my hip and I was careful in the many other things I did. I left Serbia with sadness and tears and a heavy heart but rejoicing knowing that this work will continue. August is a month that I spend with my family as there are so many birthday celebrations and the promotion of my dear wife Rita to glory 10 years ago on the 10th, also my own 80th birthday on 8th. Nevertheless, I shall be keeping in contact with Serbia and beyond and keep you posted. In His Love – Brother Tony.

Betal Camp -  “Fruska Gora” Mountain, Near Novi Sad

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A while ago I asked for prayer for the summer camps here in Serbia and also worldwide. I am very excited to tell you that your prayers are being answered and here, in Serbia we are seeing the fruits of prayer.

Last night I attended a camp for 10 - 12 year olds, Stefan shared the Word and on our way home, a telephone call came through to say three boys had given their lives to Our Saviour. Later another call to say two others had also come to the leaders asking for prayer and making a commitment, these will all be followed up after camp.

Another thing that excited me, was to see people from previous camps going on for the Lord and now becoming leaders. We have so much to rejoice about. Please continue to pray for all camps everywhere that we will see more lives changed. Give Him Thanks and Praise and pray for greater things. I trust that this will encourage you on in your prayer and church life. In His Love - Tony
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In Memory of Brother Simo Ralevic

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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend his funeral, but today I had the privilege of visiting the grave of my dear friend. I’m also visiting his family who I have not seen since 2019. I met Simo in the 1960’s and he was on fire for his Lord and Master then and, right up until the Lord called him home on the 30th of November 2021. Many people around the world will have read his books and also heard him preach, God really used him for His Glory. Simo inspired me to share Gods love to the people of the then Yugoslavia and Serbia and, in his later day’s, the Balkans. He will be greatly missed. In His Love - Tony.
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Simo and Mary Ralevic

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Philippians 1:21 - For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.


Sid, Serbia

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Well, at last I made it back to the refugee camp site. I joined the team of five people for the day under the leadership of Lidia, to serve the refugees with tea, coffee, loving smiles and talking with them.

Also we mustn’t forget the laundry department where two team members spend four hours a day washing clothes for them. Some refugees speak little English others more and they would translate to the others, some none……

Update of Camp Site

Summer camps will commence in August here in the North of Serbia. Campers will see a big change with much better facilities. So much of this has been an answer to prayer and generosity of Christian’s. Thank you for your prayers and support. Lives have and are being changed. Below is the new washing, showering and toilet block. We were going to build a brick unit but this way we saved on planning permission. We are grateful to the company who gave the containers free of charge and to the people who donated the washbasins.
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Backs Palanka - Serbia

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It’s so great to be back here in the Balkans and to see all that has been accomplished over the last two and half years. I will be sending a number of short memo’s on different projects. The greatest excitement for me is seeing the spiritual growth of the Church and new believers. A while back I wrote about a project called ‘Gospel For Every Home’, I’m very please to say that this is going very well, more churches are getting involved and people are writing in for Bibles and other literature as they seek God’s Love. This a real answer to prayer, so a big thank you and please continue to pray for souls to receive Him as their Saviour. God’s Blessings - Tony.

Bristol 2nd July 2022

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Dear Praying Friends, after two and a half years time has come for me to leave the the UK and return to Serbia, I am filled with excitement as the 8th draws nearer and I will arrive in Serbia by 10.00 am. Please pray for me that I will be careful and not over do things as its still only 14 weeks since my operation for a hip replacement. The program, although small will still be very busy as my desire is to meet up and have fellowship with new believers, visit a Slovakian community and visit the Refugee Camp to see the new Kitchen and Meeting tent for the first time and to speak with the refugees. Today, I received a email from Macedonia asking for Prayer as plans are being put together to reach Albanians in Macedonia. A updated translation of The Missing Peace in Albanian will commence soon with a print run of 5,000 copies. I will do my best to send a report while I am away. Thank you all for your Prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request

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Sid – Serbia - I have just received an urgent request for prayer for more male workers to volunteer to work in the refugee camp in Sid, Serbia. The period of time can be from a week to as long as you wish to help. It's mainly serving tea and coffee and playing board game which then leads into spiritual talks with the men. 100’s have come to know Jesus as their Saviour through this work. This is very rewarding and I shall be there in September. PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL TOUCH THE LIVE OF MEN TO GO AND SERVE HIM God Bless – Brother Tony

June 16th 2022

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Last Wednesday I attended the celebrations of Operation Mobilisation 60 years in the UK, it will also be my 60th year of connections with OM. 1962 God called me into OM and in 1965 He called me serve in the then Yugoslavia. What a meeting it was meeting up with old and making new friends. At this meeting someone was looking for good literature for Uganda, this was only an enquiry before they read the booklet The Missing Peace. This has now turned into a firm order and the first 10,000 copies will come off the presses very soon. Praise The Lord.
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Today from Backa Palanka,Serbia. Book tables have been on the streets of Backa Palanka for three days in a row without any interruptions, with a team of people led by a Roma brother Dalibor Cunjic visiting door to door. Many wonderful contacts were made and people requesting Bibles and other Christian books, no hostility towards the team. God answers Prayer – Bless you, Brother Tony

Macedonia June 7th, 2022

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In my last update I mentioned that I would write about the seed programme in Macedonia. I am reminded of the verse in Genesis 8 where it speaks about the seed time and harvest shall not cease. Giving out packets of seed to the needy along with a gospel booklet or leaflet is a wonderful way of sharing the gospel, then a few months later they are visited again and many open up their hearts to Our Lord. Last year the book 'Peace with God' was offered to anyone who wrote or called in and we had to do a reprint to meet the demand! The harvest is ripe and labours are few Luke 10 v 1- 3, please pray for the workers as they follow God’s calling. Pray for the seed packet programme and that the Word of God will be planted in many peoples lives. Pray also for summer camps in Serbia and right around the world as they are being planned for July and August, young people are hungry for the Word of God. God Bless - Tony

Tuesday 24th May 2022 Serbia

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Today I had a very long chat with my contacts discussing projects for the summer months, for camps and for outreach. A few years ago we printed a booklet called “How to be Saved” it was distributed by my friend Simo but now he has been promoted to glory. His grandson Stefan has taken over the book distribution and everyone is now asking for this booklet.

Ljubljana – Slovenia

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A family who heard the gospel for the first time surrendered their lives to Our Saviour, a few days later they where found throwing out and burning the idols which they had been worshipping. This was very interesting for me as it was the first city I smuggled Bibles etc into in the 1960’s. I will be visiting them later in the year. This story via by OM Slovenia. Please pray for the OM Team there.

No boarders of the Balkans can hold back the flow of the Holy Spirit (or anywhere, Praise Him) We have started to work with the churches there and also translating the The Missing Peace Booklet into Slovakian. My health is progressing well, more news next week. Thank you again for your prayers for me for the Balkans and for God’s workers everywhere. God Bless, Tony.

Bristol April 29th 2022

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It’s been a while since I last posted a update on my health. The operation for my hip replacement went well and I spent a week with my son, now I am back home and after my daily routines and my exercises, I get very tired and just want to rest. You have not been forgotten through this time and have been praying for you. Unfortunately…..

Breaking news from Serbia 31st March 2022

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A few weeks ago I wrote asking for everyone to pray regarding the large commercial tent that was being held up in customs for use in the refugee camp. Our God is so faithful and answered prayer regarding this and the tent was released without having to pay any import tax on it. They were asking for 1000 Euro’s.

Latest GEMS for Prayers, Thanks and Praise

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As the Spiritual fire spreads in Northern Serbia, the area to be covered becomes greater and the work load much heavier, God has called another young man full time into the work. Please Pray for Bibin and his wife Milica and children Mia, Ana and Bogdon, all are 100% behind this calling. Five years ago Bibin wanted to take his family to Australia for a better life but God had other plans for this family.
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