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Tony Packer

Bristol 2nd July 2022

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Dear Praying Friends, after two and a half years time has come for me to leave the the UK and return to Serbia, I am filled with excitement as the 8th draws nearer and I will arrive in Serbia by 10.00 am. Please pray for me that I will be careful and not over do things as its still only 14 weeks since my operation for a hip replacement. The program, although small will still be very busy as my desire is to meet up and have fellowship with new believers, visit a Slovakian community and visit the Refugee Camp to see the new Kitchen and Meeting tent for the first time and to speak with the refugees. Today, I received a email from Macedonia asking for Prayer as plans are being put together to reach Albanians in Macedonia. A updated translation of The Missing Peace in Albanian will commence soon with a print run of 5,000 copies. I will do my best to send a report while I am away. Thank you all for your Prayers.