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Macedonia June 7th, 2022

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In my last update I mentioned that I would write about the seed programme in Macedonia. I am reminded of the verse in Genesis 8 where it speaks about the seed time and harvest shall not cease. Giving out packets of seed to the needy along with a gospel booklet or leaflet is a wonderful way of sharing the gospel, then a few months later they are visited again and many open up their hearts to Our Lord. Last year the book 'Peace with God' was offered to anyone who wrote or called in and we had to do a reprint to meet the demand! The harvest is ripe and labours are few Luke 10 v 1- 3, please pray for the workers as they follow God’s calling. Pray for the seed packet programme and that the Word of God will be planted in many peoples lives. Pray also for summer camps in Serbia and right around the world as they are being planned for July and August, young people are hungry for the Word of God. God Bless - Tony