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Breaking news from Serbia

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We Praise God that the vision in Serbia is growing, our hearts desire is to reach every home (2.56 million plus) in Serbia over the next two years with the message of Salvation. Please pray for Banne Plavsic who is heading up this ministry called - 'Every Home for Christ in Serbia', he is a very close friend of mine. While everything is still in the planning stages, the team I work with in Northern Serbia will commence visiting 45,000 people in the North within a week or so. You will hear a great deal more about this as time goes on. Global Passion is 100% behind this and will be greatly involved. Needless to say, I cannot wait to get back there and work with the teams once lockdown is over.


Serbia February 2021 – Breaking news

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Thank you for your Prayers, this is the first Youth event in Backa Palanka in 35 years when Serbia, then part of the old Yugoslavia was under communism rule. Please give God the glory, these young people are seeking more to life. Early next week I will share more of what we believe God has in store for Serbia, it's exciting.

God Bless you as you serve Him - Tony

Update 27th January 2021

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I write with joy and sadness in my heart as news filters through of things going on in the Balkans and elsewhere. But firstly, I would ask for prayers for the families in the Balkans who have lost loved ones to COVID 19 and also for those who are suffering with it. Some of these people have been on fire for Our Lord for a long time. Pray also for the hospital Chaplin’s as they offer words of comfort and encouragement to nurses, doctors and others through this very difficult time. Let us also pray for each other that we too may be a blessing and encouragement to those living nearby.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

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Firstly, as we enter 2021 may you all know His Peace, Joy and Blessings where ever you are. Over the past few days I have been thinking and praying for all of you as you read these memo’s. In these difficult times may you be ready to share your love of Our Lord and Saviour as there are many people around us seeking for peace. A dear friend of mine shared Ephesians 6 with me a few days ago, (I love this passage and spoke on it a few weeks ago) How vital it is that we remain fully equipped as we Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.

Christmas 2020

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I sit here knowing that Christmas is going to be so different for so many of us around the world, we all want to be with our families and love ones but COVID 19 has changed our lives so much. Where ever you are and whatever you are doing, please stay safe knowing that underneath us are the everlasting arms. May you know Peace of Our Lord and Saviour over Christmas and throughout the coming New Year.

November 2020 update

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Hungary - Global Passion has worked alongside Eric and Rosemary Barrett of 4H in supplying children’s quarterly magazines for many years. This year we were able to have the booklet “The Missing Peace” translated and printed into Hungarian. I just want to share with you all the following email I received from them over the weekend.

29th October 2020 Update

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Philippians 3 v 13 & 14

These verses have been on my mind a great deal lately as we all struggle with the coronavirus, many of the plans that were made for 2020 have never materialised but God is still working and opening other doors sooner than we expected.

October Update

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Right now I am in Northern Ireland with my family but since being here lockdown has imposed a number of regulations, so no meetings but hoping to connect with a number of people by phone in both North and Southern Ireland. Before lockdown I was able to speak with a Chinese person here who is a Christian and share our thoughts and prayer, hoping to speak in her church in due course.

8th October brief report

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As you are all aware things are changing by the day in these difficult times we are in, this is making travel impossible in some areas and my age is also against me. However, there is still much to rejoice in as reports are coming through very slowly.

I was hoping to give a report and show photos of the summer camps in Hungary, they did go ahead but had to be scaled down due to the increase in the virus, my friends from 4H (Eric and Rosemary) were due to travel there last month but all the borders were closed, but God answered PRAYER and there is so much to Praise God for.


September 2020

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I cannot believe its a month since I last wrote a update, in these difficult times things are still happening but on a much smaller scale but there is still much to Thank and Praise God for.

I stand in awe that there are no outbreaks in the refugee camp and a small team can continue to work there, the team also remain free and are pressing on for the Lord in many different ways.

Greetings from Northern Ireland

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Greetings from Northern Ireland where I am with my daughter and family. Update: - 23rd August 2020 Although not being able to travel to the Balkans, I remain restless and homesick but at the same time, I rest in His Peace. I sent a message to the Christians in Serbian but unfortunately, the translation came out wrong, it read that I was at home very sick…….

August Update

My bible reading this morning was from Psalm 113 – Giving Praise

Right now I am with my family in Northern Ireland who I have not seen since Christmas, it was wonderful to hold the grand children in my arms again. While here I will be visiting prayer supporters and sharing with them. My planned trip to Southern Ireland may be delayed as a second wave of the virus interrupts my travel, this is disappointing.

COVID-19 does not shut us down!

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COVID – 19 has changed the world and the way we do things but we have a never changing and Loving God

Despite the limitations that we are all facing we find plenty of opportunities to reach out to people, whether on the streets or parks, neighborhood or on social media. We want to be sensitive to the concerns people have about getting infected with the virus. We respect the guidelines of our government so we have masks and disinfectant with us as well as being more careful about keeping the recommended distance.

July 2020 Update

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Day by day plans are changing not just in Serbia but the whole wide world, one of the greatest things I rejoice in, is that we have an unchanging God and He is with us every moment of everyday. I guess there is so much to ask for prayer but I believe the greatest thing right now is to pray for those who are hearing the Word of God for the first time that they will come to know Jesus in a real way.

Yesterday I went for a prayer walk along the River Severn, it hit me so hard, we seem to spend so much time in talking and praying about the difficult times we are in and we are not talking and praying enough for lost souls and what God is doing. It is right to pray for the situation we find ourselves in but please don’t forget the lost souls that are out there, it’s all about Him.

Welcome Home!

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Serbia 21st July 2020

Last night it was good to be able to welcome Stefan and Daniela back home to Northern Serbia. They had to change their honeymoon plans as they were not allowed to leave Serbia, pray for them as they settle down not only into married life, but also as they serve Our Lord together.
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