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Serbia - 5th Oct 2019

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Tears filled my eyes as I sat in on this Bible Study, I have never seen young people listen and ask questions and then afterward pray as this group. In their prayers, they remembered the other young people for whatever reason were not able to attend. This is just one group meeting as a result of summer camps. Reports are coming in from other leaders in different parts of Serbia of the same things happening. I trust this will encourage you to pray for young people, not just here in Serbia but worldwide. On my next visit, I am speaking to them on PRAYER - Thank you, Tony.

New Beograd - Serbia

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Why this picture? Three years ago we were driving down the main highway in New Beograd, Serbia and my Serbia friend said to me "Tony, this where I believe God wants me to build a recording studio". On the third floor, rooms became available and three years on this has now become a reality, God has answered so many prayers for this to have happened.

Trieste visit

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Yesterday I arrived here in Trieste to spend time with my dear friends, David and Lydia Bormann. We were looking back over this year, we were able to lift our hearts and voices over how Great Our God has been, souls have been saved, Christian lives have changed, outreach is going on as never before. So, so much to thank Him and give Glory for.

Clearspring Church - Gloucester

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Clearspring Church meet in a hotel for their meetings and it was a great joy to share with them what Our Lord is doing in the Balkans and in many other countries around the world. God spoke and many came forward for prayer afterwards as their lives had been challenged. Before the meeting I was speaking with Paul and he shared with me what God was doing in Gloucester, every home had received a leaflet sharing about Jesus and asking “Do you know this man?” The leaflet also invited people to watch the film on the web site - Over 70,000 people have watched the film to date, surely this is something to Praise and Thank God for. Please continue to Pray for Clearspring Church and all they do. God Bless - Tony.

Bristol 5th International Conference

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Saturday 21st September 2019

Trinity Tabernacle, Bristol held their 5th International Conference, it's the first time that I had attended and what a blessing it was to me to sit and hear what God is doing here in the United Kingdom and in many places overseas. The reports were very encouraging, at short notice I was also asked to share what God was doing in the Balkans. The worship was led by groups of young people from Russia and the Philippines who are either living or studying here in Bristol. New doors have been open to me to mix with these groups and to push ahead with more translations of The Missing Peace booklet. Thanks must given to Pastor Andy Paget for arranging these conferences. - Tony

Baptisms in the Balkans

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We continue to thank you for your prayers for us here in the Balkans and for all those you lift up before the throne of God in Prayer, we also rejoice and give thanks to Our God for answered prayer as we see many young people being baptised who attended the summer camp and grow in the faith. To Him Be the Glory – God Bless - Tony

Redruth Baptist Church

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Annual meeting for Persecuted Christians

We sing a hymn, For the presence of the Lord is moving in this place. This was surely true here in Redruth, Cornwall, as I spoke God was speaking to so many and it was a great joy to be able to speak with and pray with so many afterwards. Many shared that their lives would never be the same again.

It was a privilege to speak about our brothers and sisters and their sufferings around the world but more so, to remind ourselves that amidst persecution comes joy. Many stories were shared of those who once did the persecuting and are now the ones being persecuted. I shared a little of my experience from the sixties and what is happening again in the Balkans today. We prayed that God would give daily strength to all those who are suffering. Psalm 100 has been on my mind.

Ireland News

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My time in Northern Ireland was very enjoyable with the grand children especially seeing it was Lucy’s 9th birthday and we all had to get into the paddling pool, it took a little to acclimatise to the cold water, once we were in we had a very good time. It was also a time to meet up and speak and share with Prayer Partners what Out God is doing in the Balkans and around the world. It was a time when I was able to help out my dear brother George Verwer in Portstewart and take care of the book table, 100’s of books and DVD’s were taken. It was a privilege to share on a one to one with so many people what is happening in the world today through so many different missions. Thank you for your prayers, Our God is alive and lives are being changed.

Praise and Thanks to the Lord

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Let us give Praise and Thanks to the Lord - You remember last month I wrote regarding being on the streets of Serbia with the team people sharing the Gospel and giving away Bibles, books etc and we had amazing results. Rejoice with us for the following:

A man had travelled from another town to where we were and was given a tract, "The Missing Peace”, he was so touched that he called the telephone number on the back and had a chat with my dear friend Brother Simo. He and his family gave their hearts to the Lord and today (Friday) he will receive a visit from some of the team. He is desperate to learn more about the Love of God. Other reports are coming in how people are reading God’s Word and cannot put it down. Let us continue to fan this fire with our Prayers, we also Praise and Thank God for reports coming from different countries. We sing that hymn, All over the world God’s Spirit is moving, lets Praise Him and believe Him for greater things. He Is Alive – God Bless - Tony
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