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Luke 10 v 1 – 3. As I sat thinking and praying about what I should write in my first update, I realised that whatever I wrote will also apply to me. Sixty years ago (1962) God spoke to me from the above verses and within a few months, I found myself on Operation Mobilisation. I often prayed for workers then felt God saying why are you not going. I was young free and had no commitments other than to serve Our Lord and Master. The photo of George Verwer and myself was taken last November at an exhibition in London, how true those words, didn’t notice them when the photo was taken. A photo of the world was taken in Athens at a conference at a very early morning prayer meeting. Many of those in that photo are serving the Lord overseas. So for 2022, I encourage you, wherever you are, whatever your situation is, let our lives live for Him. Let us pray for the world and let us pray for each other. The world is a small place now as we have so many nationalities living in our local areas. The world is at our feet.
God Bless – Praying for you – Tony Packer

Urgent Request from Sid Refugee Camp, Serbia

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Last evening I received the photo and news from the refugee camp of the destruction of the main tent after very heavy snow storms. Work is going on to salvage, repair or renew to make sure the refugees have somewhere to go in the daytime. This is the place where 1000’s of mugs of tea and coffee are served every day and the gospel shared. Please pray for financial support to get this back up and running as soon as possible, if you or your church can help please contact me on and I will send you more details. God Bless – Happy Christmas and Blessings throughout 2022.

Blessings throughout 2022

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As I look back over 2021 it’s been another difficult year as we come to terms with the pandemic, we have lost loved ones, either through COVID19 and many are coming to terms with the health issues afterwards, or through other illnesses. My prayer is, as we enter into this Christmas period that you may know His Peace and strength, many will be standing with you in Prayer, you are not alone.
I send Christmas greetings to you all from our brothers and sisters in Serbia and they too thank you for your prayers and support over the past 12 months.

Breaking News from Serbia

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After quite a long illness and discomfort, dear brother Simo Ralevic was called home to be with his Lord and Saviour this morning 30th Nov. 2021.
I met Simo and his dear wife (also with her Lord) back in the Sixties and they were a leading light in sharing and spreading the gospel in the then Yugoslavia which was under Communism. Simo was also imprisoned on a number of occasions in those early days. Lets us give Thanks and Praise to God for his life, being a faithful servant, also please pray for all the family at this time. A further report on the work will follow this weekend. God Bless you all – Brother Tony


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Please lift Sudan and its people up before the Lord in Prayer. A very large shipment of Bibles and Christian books in Arabic have arrived and the people are eager to have them in their hands. Please pray that these will be a blessing and a encouragement to them all and also that souls will be saved.
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Christian Resources Exhibition

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The Exhibition ran for three days and I was able to attend on the last day, what a privilege it was to meet and talk with people who had a passion for lost souls. I was able to share a table with OM Special Projects to display a range of The Missing Peace Booklet in different languages.

Serbia- Summer Camps

Here are two 3 min videos of the young people enjoying themselves at summer camp. Every morning and evening started with a Bible study and by the end of the week, many had made decisions to follow Our Lord. For the older group there was more in depth teaching which enhanced their walk with their Lord.

Serbia 12th October 2021

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I have spoken about Stefan many times in my reports. I met Stefan when visiting the Bible School in Nis, Southern Serbia where he was a student and soon learned that he was the grandson of my dear friend Simo. He had a real passion for the Lord and to serve Him faithfully, He turned down the offer of a three year Bible study course at London Bible College to remain in Serbia and serve his Lord. Last year Stefan married a lovely Christian Lady called Daniela and now they serve Our Lord and Saviour in the Northern town called Backa Palanka. Stefan and Daniela have a heart for the young people and we are seeing many come to Jesus as their Saviour. Stefan is also a very good teacher of the Word to both young and older people and is involved in a number of churches in all areas of the Balkans. Young as he is, please pray for him and Daniela that their lives will be a wonderful example to all who connect with them. God Bless - Tony.

Backa Planaka - Serbia

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Let us Praise and Thank God for these young people as they go out on the streets and door to door with the gospel. Pray for them, young as they are that God will give them the right words to say at the right time. Pray that souls will be added to the church there and give thanks to God for the many that have already been saved. They all send greetings in the Name of the Lord to all our web readers. God Bless – Brother Tony

Serbia 27th September 2021

I am sorry to bring you sad news from the Balkans and Bristol. Three weeks ago our dear brother Timothy Ralevic was rushed into hospital with COVID-19. At first he made a brief recovery but God called him home a week ago. We shall miss him greatly. His father Simo is also poorly (not COVID-19) and wasn’t able to attend the funeral.

Yesterday I had the joy of sharing on video with brother Simo, Stefan was visiting his grandfather (Simo) in Arandelovac and it was a great joy to have sweet fellowship with him. He is now very ill and ready for his heavenly Father to take him home. I have known Simo since 1965 and God has used him greatly over the many years. He also served many sentences of imprisonment under communism for the sake of the gospel. Please pray that he may be kept comfortable in these later days.

As you are all aware I was hoping to have travelled back to the Balkans this month but after seeing my consultant regarding pain in my right hip, this now is impossible and I am waiting for an operation due later this year or early next. Please pray that it will be sooner rather than later. But I will end on some good news. Within a few days Stefan along with the young people will be visiting every home in Backa Palanka. Stefan is the pastor of the church in Backa Palanka and was married just a few months ago. I'll do a short write up about them next week. God Bless – Brother Tony

Breaking News from Afghanistan

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A email received today quoted this: -

I’m ready to die for Jesus but I don’t want to die unknown.

Let us lift our Brothers and Sisters in Afghanistan up in prayer. Father God, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan as they face the unknown that you will give them strength to stand firm for you. As we pray for them, we pray that their example will be an encouragement to us all. Give us strength Lord to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk Amen - Brother Tony - Philippians 1 v 21

Oresnjak Camps – Northern Serbia

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Reports are coming in of great blessings from the two weeks of camps, the first week was attended by 80% non-Christians and the Bible Study for the week was 'THE WAY', This created a good talking point throughout the week with many searching for the truth. In second week, most of the young people were from Christian homes and they studied the First Epistle of Peter. There were great blessings as questions where asked and now the follow-up work begins, all will be followed up over the next month or so. There are more pictures to come but here is one showing a few of the young people. Please pray for the people who lead this work, this is what they feel God has called them to.

Two main items for prayer

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Here we have two Filipinos receiving The Missing Peace in Tagalog, unfortunately the masks are covering the excitement they are showing. Steve, the Chaplin, was able to pray with these two young men and also with the crew, Steve is able to meet with so many people from most nations as he works on the ship here in Bristol Ports.

Tagalog Translation

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I just want to share with you the joy I had and  the excitement that Steve Loader had when I handed over two boxes of The Missing Peace in Tagalog. We had a time of prayer and Steve asked if I could get The Missing Peace translated and printed into Russian, Ukraine and Indonesian. All things are possible and I am sure Our Lord will lead us to the right people for this job. The Missing Peace can be downloaded from our Partner - God Bless - Tony.

News Update 29th June 20221

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We Praise God that the Outreach is gathering speed and that people are responding to the literature handed out with only a few rejecting the literature. It reminded me of the early sixties in Trieste, Italy when we gave out the booklet Evo Kako (Here’s How in English) people accepted it and stopped and read it where they stood. Souls are coming to know Him as their Saviour. Let us believe God for even greater things. A smoldering fire is beginning to burn more brightly. Pray for more people to help.
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