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25th May 2021 *Breaking news*

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Please pray for Brother George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation, who went into hospital today for an angiogram which showed a greater problem with artery restrictions and who will be undergoing a bypass on Friday. Pray also for his wife, Drena and family.

Global Passion update – 18th May 2021

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There is so much to Pray for as we listen to the news so I am not going to repeat what we have been hearing, other then mention a few countries and prayer points.

Points for Prayer

India: - For the current situation going on there, a number of full-time workers along with 1000’s of others have lost their lives to COVID-19. Pray for that Nation

Myanmar: - News from Myanmar as gone quiet but let us continue to lift that country up in prayer. Let us lay hold of God in prayer for His children there, that they remain faithful to Him. It is said that a Christian is killed every few days.

Israel: - That a Peace agreement can be reached soon, Pray also for those working for Our Lord in that land that they be kept safe.

China: - Spiritual freedom is being tighten, pray that God’s children will remain faithful

Bristol, UK

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Here in Bristol, the Word of God is certainly going around the world even though there are restrictions regarding moving around on the ships. Last Thursday I spoke with Steve Loader, one of the Seafarer workers and he shared about the work he was doing. He is able to stand at the top of the gangway and speak with the men, from the Captain down to the crew in the engine room. He had a very long conversation with a Captain from Russia who accepted the literature gladly. Another person had already picked up The Missing Peace Booklet and had it in his cabin to read later.

Steve asked me if it was possible to get The Missing Peace translated into Tagalog, a Filipino language that most of the sailors use. It was amazing how God opens the way to be connected with a person who was only too happy to do this for us. Thank you for your prayers.

Your PRAYERS are being answered, God is in control and His word is going around the world.

Serbia 28th April 2021

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Most of us have already celebrated Easter but for the Eastern Orthodox Church, they celebrate Easter this Friday 30th. This is a big celebration, in Backa Palanka, the team have had printed invites (above) to hand out inviting people to attend the Evangelical Church, to hear the message of Salvation, 12 people have already agreed to come.

Breaking News 13th April 2021 Serbia

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Although social distancing remains in place, we are not able to show all the youth gathered but we Praise God they are still attending on Saturday nights and listening to the Gospel message. Thank you for your PRAYERS. Please pray for a young man called Aleksandar, he enrolled in a Bible School postal course of studies wanting to learn more about the Christian Walk but didn’t really want to get involved, he is now giving messages at the Youth Club - Praise God!


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As we begin to enter another year of uncertainty and with lockdown restrictions starting to be relaxed, let us all remain careful and continue to obey the rules which the authorities have laid down.
This has been a very difficult year, for some, it has been much harder than for others but we have all missed the closeness of families and also the fellowship of other Christians and meeting together in our places of worship. However, online services have been a great blessing to so many, so we have much to be very thankful for.

Breaking News from India

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Just received an email from our contacts there to say that a Christian walked into a printers and asked if there was any good Christian Gospel Literature in the Marathi language as he and his team want to share the Gospel with others. He was offered 10,000 copies of The Missing Peace booklet. 10,000 copies of the same leaflet in Punjabi will be the next to roll off the presses soon.

There is other news but on this occasion and I feel we should focus on India with PRAYER

Serbia 6th March 2021

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Please give God all the Praise and Glory as the outreach has commenced and things are happening. An atheist couple invited some of the team in for a chat and coffee and their story was amazing, the lives of the people attending the church spoke to them and now they asked if it was ok for them to attend church. A glass maker also got chatting with Stefan, the young pastor and he also asked if he could invite himself along to the church. Please continue to pray for the refugee camp, for short term workers which will then give more opportunities to share the gospel with the refugees.

Breaking news from Serbia

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We Praise God that the vision in Serbia is growing, our hearts desire is to reach every home (2.56 million plus) in Serbia over the next two years with the message of Salvation. Please pray for Banne Plavsic who is heading up this ministry called - 'Every Home for Christ in Serbia', he is a very close friend of mine. While everything is still in the planning stages, the team I work with in Northern Serbia will commence visiting 45,000 people in the North within a week or so. You will hear a great deal more about this as time goes on. Global Passion is 100% behind this and will be greatly involved. Needless to say, I cannot wait to get back there and work with the teams once lockdown is over.


Serbia February 2021 – Breaking news

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Thank you for your Prayers, this is the first Youth event in Backa Palanka in 35 years when Serbia, then part of the old Yugoslavia was under communism rule. Please give God the glory, these young people are seeking more to life. Early next week I will share more of what we believe God has in store for Serbia, it's exciting.

God Bless you as you serve Him - Tony

Update 27th January 2021

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I write with joy and sadness in my heart as news filters through of things going on in the Balkans and elsewhere. But firstly, I would ask for prayers for the families in the Balkans who have lost loved ones to COVID 19 and also for those who are suffering with it. Some of these people have been on fire for Our Lord for a long time. Pray also for the hospital Chaplin’s as they offer words of comfort and encouragement to nurses, doctors and others through this very difficult time. Let us also pray for each other that we too may be a blessing and encouragement to those living nearby.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

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Firstly, as we enter 2021 may you all know His Peace, Joy and Blessings where ever you are. Over the past few days I have been thinking and praying for all of you as you read these memo’s. In these difficult times may you be ready to share your love of Our Lord and Saviour as there are many people around us seeking for peace. A dear friend of mine shared Ephesians 6 with me a few days ago, (I love this passage and spoke on it a few weeks ago) How vital it is that we remain fully equipped as we Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.

Christmas 2020

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I sit here knowing that Christmas is going to be so different for so many of us around the world, we all want to be with our families and love ones but COVID 19 has changed our lives so much. Where ever you are and whatever you are doing, please stay safe knowing that underneath us are the everlasting arms. May you know Peace of Our Lord and Saviour over Christmas and throughout the coming New Year.

November 2020 update

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Hungary - Global Passion has worked alongside Eric and Rosemary Barrett of 4H in supplying children’s quarterly magazines for many years. This year we were able to have the booklet “The Missing Peace” translated and printed into Hungarian. I just want to share with you all the following email I received from them over the weekend.
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