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You are all in my thoughts and prayers as we continue in lockdown, these are certainly difficult time for every one, but let us keep our eyes fixed on Him and be ready for when we are able to move again.

Enns, Austria

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It was a privilege and a blessing to be involved in the service as Christoph, Nina, Tobias, Aaron, Elise and Elia were sent out with the Blessings of the church who also prayed God’s Blessing upon them, both are leaving good jobs here in Austria to go and serve the Lord in Honduras, Latin America. Christoph will be flying planes for Missionary Air Group and Nina is a doctor. Please pray for them as they take this big step away from security of a home and jobs. Also pray for the children as they adjust to a different way of life. I hope to have a short video up on the web site which will give more information. Thank you - Tony

Poole Dorset & London

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Last week I spent three wonderful days in Poole, Dorset with Solomon and his wife Rachel. We were able to take two nice long walks along the seafront giving us time to discuss further projects for India and also the dialects they want to translate the Missing Peace booklet into. We hear many stories coming out of India about how the Christians are being treated but, amidst all this the Christians are alive and want to share His love with others. It was also a special time which we used for prayer and fellowship, we haven’t done this for a very long time. Left Saturday morning for London….


Trinity Tabernacle, Bristol

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Last Sunday, I had the joy and privilege of sharing in the service at Trinity Tabernacle, Bristol. Please pray for the Pastor there, his name is Andy Paget and his wife Gale. They are doing a great work there, besides all their commitments to the church and a number of organisations, he also spends time in the Middle East serving Our Lord.


It’s been a wonderful time over the Christmas period to spend time with the family, more so as my son and family flew in from Australia, the grand children enjoyed all being together. Now we are in the New Year and looking forward to greater things in 2020. My prayer is for you all that where ever you are and what ever you are doing for Our Lord that you will all be greatly Blessed, I too, am looking for greater things to happen in the Balkans, we have a Wonderful Lord and prayers are being answered.
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Christmas Message

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As we draw near to Christmas, my prayer is that you will all have a Very Happy Christmas with Family and Friends. His Name shall be called JESUS for He shall save the people from their sins, today, 1000’s of people around the world are still coming to know Him as their Saviour, every day we hear of people being saved.

We all know that this is a time of PEACE and remembering OUR SAVIOURS BIRTH, however, let us take time out to remember and pray for those who are going through difficult times. Those suffering illness, bereavement, caring for love ones or being on their own, my two brothers are also going through difficult family situations. Also, please remember our Brothers and Sisters who are going through persecution for Our Saviour, wherever they are, that they may know His Peace and Comfort this Christmas.

My prayers are for you all as we draw near to the end of 2019, I thank God for everyone of you and your prayer support, for 2020 my prayer is that we may all have a closer walk with Him and look to Him for greater things.


Royal Portbury Docks – Seafarers Carol Service

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Firstly, I would like to say a great thank you to Avonmouth Evangelical Church for arranging this, Andrew and Matthew Steele led the music and Philip Steele gave a talk on the family starting off with a box of Family Circle biscuits and then bringing the different characters into in and then close with the birth of Jesus.

Hot News from Austria

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O A C (Open Air Campaigners)

Stefan Hofler writes: - recently a young lady walked into a meeting where Stefan was preaching and afterwards wanted to speak with Stefan. 3 years ago she stopped at a open air meeting in Linz (Austria) she was so encouraged at what she heard and talked with one on the team members for some time. Shortly afterwards, she recommitted her life to follow Jesus. Today, she is married with a child and active in a Bible Believing Church. O A C have a very full programme as they lead up to Christmas – please pray for them.

There is so much to give Thanks and Praise to God, only in eternity will we see the results of our all our prayers and labours for Him. Thank you again for your prayers – God Bless - Tony

News from India re Missing Peace.

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I've just received news that the first dialect- Marathi is now ready for printing and 10,000 copies will roll off the presses soon for use in Northern India, of course we welcome it to be used anywhere. 15,000 copies of the Hindi version will soon arrive here in the UK. Talks are now under way to start work on the PUNJABI language.

Hungary – We were praying that this would have been printed ready for the New Year but some translations are more difficult than others, however, we are now aiming for Easter, please pray to this end.

God Bless – Brother Tony


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Dear Prayer partners around the world, thank you for your prayers for the weekend in Cornwall. Besides speaking at the different meetings, it was also a time to share and pray with people on a one to one basis. Many shared that God had been speaking to them and God also spoke to me, I was really blessed, I'll write more later. On the way to Cornwall I visited my brother whose wife is very ill, last night I felt I should delay my trip overseas and give them support. Please pray for Ken and Shirley, she is a wonderful Christian and shared her faith whenever possible. God Bless - Brother Tony

Please Pray For Hannah

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It was a great joy yesterday to receive an email from Hannah who came on a O M Transform Conference and Outreach two years ago. We had lost contact but the news that she is still walking with the Lord and now at Bible School studying in a Mission Training School, fills my heart with joy.

Three of her main prayer requests are: -

A clear calling from God as to which organisation, ministry and country
Clarity and guidance for her six week internship placement for next year
Committed Prayer Supporters and Financial Provision

Hannah, we are praying for you and may God Bless you in all that you do for Him, please keep in touch

Brother Tony.

Highlights of my October visit to Serbia

I have already given you news of the recording studio in Belgrade and over the next few months I will give you updates of things that are happening there. Still some work to do but recordings are going ahead.
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This is Simo - Over the years we have grown very close to each other, we met in the Sixties. Simo’s wife, Mary went to be with the Lord about six years ago and he continued to serve the Lord faithfully in Mid Serbia. Unfortunately, ill health has hit him very hard recently and Simo has become very frail, much of this as a result of being in prison for his faith in the days of Communism. Please continue to pray for him, its a great privilege to sit and pray with him.

I had a meeting a young man who was deep into drugs and is now studying the Word of God and every three months spends time at the Bible School. Also from the same city, a young man with a family is doing the same course, he believes that God is calling him into full time ministry. I will see if I can get permission to show photo’s of these people.

The young peoples work is a great encouragement, a report has already been written up and posted. The joy of hearing young people coming to faith in Jesus and being baptised


Thank you!

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In a few days I will be posting a report of the highlights of my last trip to Serbia, but today I want to send you all a very important personal message.

Yesterday (Sunday) as I walked beside the River Severn and watched the ocean container ships moving in and out of the port here, my mind turned to the web and Facebook sites that reach around the globe.

In the past I have thanked you for your prayers but today again in depth, I started to pray for everyone of you Country by Country and the different circumstances that you are all facing. Some of you have shared by email but I want you to know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers continually, where ever you live. I know the Christian walk is hard for us all but many of you have not got the freedom we have here, be assured that you are not forgotten. So continually I am wrapping you all in prayer. God is answering prayer not only in the Balkans but around the world, so again, a very big thank you for your prayers for me and for His workers worldwide. God Bless you - Tony

Serbia - 5th Oct 2019

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Tears filled my eyes as I sat in on this Bible Study, I have never seen young people listen and ask questions and then afterward pray as this group. In their prayers, they remembered the other young people for whatever reason were not able to attend. This is just one group meeting as a result of summer camps. Reports are coming in from other leaders in different parts of Serbia of the same things happening. I trust this will encourage you to pray for young people, not just here in Serbia but worldwide. On my next visit, I am speaking to them on PRAYER - Thank you, Tony.

New Beograd - Serbia

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Why this picture? Three years ago we were driving down the main highway in New Beograd, Serbia and my Serbia friend said to me "Tony, this where I believe God wants me to build a recording studio". On the third floor, rooms became available and three years on this has now become a reality, God has answered so many prayers for this to have happened.
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