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Welcome Home!

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Serbia 21st July 2020

Last night it was good to be able to welcome Stefan and Daniela back home to Northern Serbia. They had to change their honeymoon plans as they were not allowed to leave Serbia, pray for them as they settle down not only into married life, but also as they serve Our Lord together.

A Wedding!

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It is with great joy and excitement that I share with you the photo of the wedding of Stefan and Daniela, they were married on the 10th of this month. Their wedding was planned to take place in May but due to the virus this had to be cancelled. We were all getting very excited as the new date came closer and closer but then a new wave of the virus broke out and Serbia was shut down once again. However, the wedding was allowed to go ahead with only fifty (50) people present. It was their desire that I should be there, however I was with them in thought and spirit.

July 2020

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Greeting in the Name of Jesus to you All.

It is now four months since I left the Balkans, all the plans that were made last year seem to be disappearing fast as we continue in lockdown but it is wonderful to know that He is in control and I am at peace. There is still so much to rejoice and thank our Lord for, many answers to prayers here and also overseas, so many seeds have been sown and now I believe that we must be ready for the harvest. The first few verses of Luke 10 spring to mind, "The harvest is ripe but the labourers are few", pray that the Lord of the harvest will send out labourers. Thank you for your continued prayer support, not only here for the Balkans but also for a Global Passion for the whole world.


A Mid-year up date.

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Greetings in the Name of Jesus and we thank Him for the way that Prayers have been answered and the way He is working in the Balkans.
The only trip this year has been to Serbia via Austria where I was able to spend time with friends who are having a tough time, and then to Serbia. This was an amazing time as I met people for the first time in over fifty years, people who hid me from the police and put their own lives in danger. What a reunion, what fellowship we had, and many tears were shed. Sadly, I had to leave three days early due to exhaustion, at the time not knowing that if I had stayed, then I would not have been able to leave due to the lockdown – God is in total control – I hope to be on the move again soon.

2020 Camps update

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I have just received news today that summer camps will be going ahead this summer in Erdevik, Northern Serbia, This year they will be running two weeks of camp, one for the younger people and one for teens and twenties, in the past these camps have been very encouraging as many have given their lives to the Lord and are still following and are regular church attendee’s. Please pray for their continual growth in the faith. Dates will be posted soon as they are confirmed The campsite continues to be improved but has quite away to go yet, this will still not bring it up to the standards that many of us would expect. For many of the children it will be their only holiday and they also get to hear the Good News of Salvation.

News Update May 2020

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Austria: - The OAC teams have started back on their street ministry once a week for the time being, further ministries will happen as and when more of the lockdown restrictions are lifted. We can really Praise the Lord for this. Many lives have been changed through the OAC ministries in Austria.

Serbia: - Restrictions are also being lifted there and church meetings are being now held once on a Sunday for the time being. It's been wonderful to keep in contact through social media with the young men and families. Borders are also open to allow many people to move from one state to another. How I long to be back there working side by side with them.

We continue to thank God that the refugee camp still remains virus free, this is some thing to really Praise Him for, if you saw the conditions you would be amazed that there is no virus there.

Latest News - 18-05-2020

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The Missing Peace

Today, I have received news that Missing Peace will be going to print very soon in Hungary, this has been delayed because of the virus but things have started to move again in the Balkans. We have waited nearly a year for this, so there is so much to Praise and Thank God for.

May 9th Update

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Things to Praise and Thank God for:

1: - To date, there are no outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus in the village where 1000 children are being looked after.

2: - No outbreaks of the virus in the refugee camp in Sid – Serbia

3: - Everyone remains well and virus free on the OM ship 'Logos Hope'

4: - O A C (Open Air Campaigners) Stefan Hofler with a small team is now back on the streets in Austria doing Outreach

5: - Also to Thank and Praise Him for all the services going out on social media, we had a wonderful time of PRAYER last Wednesday evening as a group of us met on Zoom.

Prayer, Thanks & Praise

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As I sit here in my home, there is so much that I would love to share but due to the nature of the situations it is difficult for me to give names and places publicly. However, if you would like more details please drop me a email and a phone number and we can talk.


1: - For a 17 year old young lady who will not denounce her faith and therefore remains in captivity.

2: - Christians caught holding Sunday School's in their homes are fined up to a weeks wages.

3: - Christians caught printing Christian material are still being held prisoners and given deadlines to pay heavy fines but it doesn’t guarantee their freedom

4: - Guinea, a country next to Sierra Leone. A country of around 13.5 million people, over 90% Muslim. Please pray for our brothers and sisters there.

20th April Update

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Dear Prayer Partners around the world, we continue to think and pray for you as we are now leading different lives due to Coronavirus. As you can imagine, most activities have come to a stand still but there is still so much to Thank and Praise God for.

April 2020 Update

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Like everywhere else, the Balkans are in complete lockdown but our young men are using their time in keeping in touch with all the contacts through the wonderful technology we have. I believe that nothing but good will come out of this and already stories are filtering through how people are reading the Bible and praying more through this crisis. It’s good that I too can stay in contact with so many and continue to encourage and pray with and for them.

The Hindi version of The Missing Peace has now been printed in the UK and will be ready for distribution as soon as possible.

The Hungarian version is now being checked and God Willing be printed soon.

The Spanish version – We are pulling out the stops to get this printed when things start to move again.


For a missionary family home from Chad, He is seriously ill with the virus and now in hospital.

For all missionaries worldwide who are still serving the Lord in places where He has called them.

Pray for a Mission out in the Far East (cannot reveal details) as they care for 100’s of young children, every care is being taken to protect them, but many do not understand what is happening to them. To date, all are well.

For all the Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance personal Police and care workers and many other organisations who are caring and serving for so many at this time.

And of course, let us pray for each other and also to allow God to speak to us.

Please drop me a line if you need prayer though this difficult time, I am aware that many will be facing many difficulties through not working etc, God Bless Tony

Call To The Nations

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The gentleman in the photo above is called Andrew Hepburn, he is one of the organisers of the conference. Please pray for him, a few days before the conference he was rushed into hospital with a heart attack. We praise and thank God for answered prayer and is now after an operation he's back home and yesterday (Wednesday) he went for his first walk outside. Andrew works for our Lord in Laos. Thank you again for your prayers, I'm praying for you all, young and old as we face future and not knowing how long this virus will be with us. For you older people who have to remain indoor more than you would like to be, I'm praying for you. God Bless - Tony

Call To The Nations Conference

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There was uncertainty about the conference, should it go ahead or not? However, the organisers felt that it was too short notice to cancel it. Numbers were really down and it was felt the conference should close in the afternoon as the evening speaker (Matthew Skirton of OM) had to self isolate, this still turned out to be a blessed time as those who came to listen to the speakers with great interest and were able to speak with the many of the missionary exhibitors afterwards. I was so thrilled when a young man came up to me and asked if we had some books for a young Christian, he came to know the Lord 3 months ago. Pray for Rob as he grows in the faith. Many too, were looking for books to help then in a closer walk with Our Lord.

News Update

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It was great to meet up with Sasa again as he leads up the work in a difficult area of Nis, I was there three years ago and spoke at the church when there were only a few people gathering. It was a great joy to see so many people meeting together and the work has grown. Will be spending time with Sasa next year. Please continue to pray for him as he serves the Lord in Serbia, as you can see prayers are being answered and we are looking to God for greater things. God Bless - Tony
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God is answering prayers

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This was a special time spent to gather over a meal as this family shared with me how God was calling them to leave their jobs and serve Him in the Northern part of Serbia. The young man in the front is called Stefan, he is so on fire for the Lord and serving Him full time. He is getting married in May to a lovely Christian called Daniela.

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