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Tony Packer

20th April Update

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Dear Prayer Partners around the world, we continue to think and pray for you as we are now leading different lives due to Coronavirus. As you can imagine, most activities have come to a stand still but there is still so much to Thank and Praise God for.
Praise, Thanks and Prayer Points.

1: - In my last update I mentioned the Mission in the Far East who are caring for 100’s of children, to keep all these children apart (age 3 – 16) and abide by the rules of their government is virtually a impossible task but they are working towards it and so far, no cases of the virus have been reported. We thank God for this and please continue to pray for them. When the staff were asked if they wanted to leave the compound, all wanted to stay.

2: - Team leaders in Austria are preparing courses for those interested in street outreach, these will be done online.

3: - Hungary - Proof reading of the Missing Peace booklet continues and will be ready soon.

4: - We now have Missing Peace in Hindi ready for distribution.

5:- Please continue to pray for all those people working to bring comfort and food to those in need at this time, also for all the doctor's, nurse's, ambulance and police personal who are working so hard. We thank God for everyone of them.

6: - Through this difficult time, I ask that you to reach out to friends and neighbours, it's surprising what a telephone call can do, there are a great number of people out there who are not into social media, what about emailing a Missionary?

God Bless you All – Brother Tony.