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8th October brief report

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As you are all aware things are changing by the day in these difficult times we are in, this is making travel impossible in some areas and my age is also against me. However, there is still much to rejoice in as reports are coming through very slowly.

I was hoping to give a report and show photos of the summer camps in Hungary, they did go ahead but had to be scaled down due to the increase in the virus, my friends from 4H (Eric and Rosemary) were due to travel there last month but all the borders were closed, but God answered PRAYER and there is so much to Praise God for.

Prayer points.


For all the children that went through summer camps, pray for their Salvation.

For all those who are receiving the Missing Peace booklet, that God will continue to speak through this booklet.


For Stefan and Daniela, as they serve Him in the North of Serbia, 100’s of people are listening to his messages on YouTube and making enquiries.

For Alexandra as he heads up the youth work.

For the young men who have committed to serve God in Serbia after their Bible School training. I will give names in the next report.

Please Pray for Gareth Bolton as he has a number of lectures in the Bible Schools in Serbia over the coming months.

And for the work that continues in the refugee camp, to date no outbreaks have been reported, Praise God.

I still need your Prayers, I’m very restless and homesick and cannot wait to return, It's been good that I have been able to do so much from here. Our biggest project at the moment is translating the Missing Peace booklet into a number of languages and get them online for people to read in the Eastern countries were too print, would be impossible. Pray for Mike Hencher who wrote the Missing Peace, he is very much behind this.

May God continue to Bless you all in these difficult days and thank you for your prayer support. Brother Tony