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A Mid-year up date.

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Greetings in the Name of Jesus and we thank Him for the way that Prayers have been answered and the way He is working in the Balkans.
The only trip this year has been to Serbia via Austria where I was able to spend time with friends who are having a tough time, and then to Serbia. This was an amazing time as I met people for the first time in over fifty years, people who hid me from the police and put their own lives in danger. What a reunion, what fellowship we had, and many tears were shed. Sadly, I had to leave three days early due to exhaustion, at the time not knowing that if I had stayed, then I would not have been able to leave due to the lockdown – God is in total control – I hope to be on the move again soon.
Things to Praise and Thank Him for, and please continue to pray for:

• To spend time with a young man called Stefan who God has called to work full-time, he opened an old church which had been closed for some time and now there are about 30 people meeting there and it is still growing. Stefan gets married on 10th July to Daniela.

• To see young people who gave their lives to Jesus at Summer camps over the past few years, going on for Him, many are sharing what God has done for them while others are giving short messages as they grow deeper in the Word. In the last week in July and the first week in August, there will be two weeks of camp this year.

• We Praise God for people who are ready to give up everything to serve Him, eight young men from Novi Sad Bible School have made this commitment and a family from Mid-Serbia, Bibin, Milica and their family Mia, Anna, and Bogdan who has given up a very good job to serve Our Master. How this thrills my heart.

• My overdue visit to the refugee camp – 1000’s of refugees living in terrible conditions with very little privacy – God spoke to me and I shall be spending more time there. 100’s of refugees have come to know the Lord as their Saviour and have been relocated in different parts of the world, reports keep coming in how they (maybe not all) are still ‘walking the walk and talking the talk’.

Missing Peace – is now in its fourth reprint in Serbia. Lives are being changed. 50,000 copies of The Missing Peace Tract were printed in India last year in Hindi, it was so well received that it is now going into three dialects, Marathi (10,000 copies) have been printed and it is now to be printed in Bengali and Punjabi. We hear how things are difficult in India, but God’s people just want to share His love with others. The Hindi version is available here in the UK, available from The Missing Peace website –

As I write this, after nearly a year, the Missing Peace tract is now being printed in Hungary and every university student will receive a copy. The Christian’s are so excited about this. God Willing, translations will soon start on Russian, Romanian, German, French, and Chinese.
We thank you all again for your prayers and support for these projects, God has been so good at fulfilling our needs.

God Bless - Tony