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April 2020 Update

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Like everywhere else, the Balkans are in complete lockdown but our young men are using their time in keeping in touch with all the contacts through the wonderful technology we have. I believe that nothing but good will come out of this and already stories are filtering through how people are reading the Bible and praying more through this crisis. It’s good that I too can stay in contact with so many and continue to encourage and pray with and for them.

The Hindi version of The Missing Peace has now been printed in the UK and will be ready for distribution as soon as possible.

The Hungarian version is now being checked and God Willing be printed soon.

The Spanish version – We are pulling out the stops to get this printed when things start to move again.


For a missionary family home from Chad, He is seriously ill with the virus and now in hospital.

For all missionaries worldwide who are still serving the Lord in places where He has called them.

Pray for a Mission out in the Far East (cannot reveal details) as they care for 100’s of young children, every care is being taken to protect them, but many do not understand what is happening to them. To date, all are well.

For all the Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance personal Police and care workers and many other organisations who are caring and serving for so many at this time.

And of course, let us pray for each other and also to allow God to speak to us.

Please drop me a line if you need prayer though this difficult time, I am aware that many will be facing many difficulties through not working etc, God Bless Tony