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Blessings throughout 2022

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As I look back over 2021 it’s been another difficult year as we come to terms with the pandemic, we have lost loved ones, either through COVID19 and many are coming to terms with the health issues afterwards, or through other illnesses. My prayer is, as we enter into this Christmas period that you may know His Peace and strength, many will be standing with you in Prayer, you are not alone.
I send Christmas greetings to you all from our brothers and sisters in Serbia and they too thank you for your prayers and support over the past 12 months.

Firstly, the booklet “The Missing Peace” continues to be read all around the world, not only in the printed version but also from the web. There are ten more translations in progress for the New Year. News is continually being received of lives changed and people have a relationship with Our Saviour.
Serbia: - I still long to return there but the work goes on, Christians are getting out of their comfort zone and going on the streets and door to door with the gospel, contacts are being made and many coming to know Jesus as their Saviour. Just recently the young people thought the church needed a facelift as nothing had changed since 1953 when it was built, a change that was needed. They all got to work and it should be completed for the Christmas period. We can give God all the Praise and Glory for this; your prayers are being answered
The outreach “A gospel for every home” continues to gain momentum, again the results are very encouraging and the Christians are getting more active.
Thank you again for your prayers and support, it’s His work and we are all involved as we serve Him. God Bless - Tony