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You are all in my thoughts and prayers as we continue in lockdown, these are certainly difficult time for every one, but let us keep our eyes fixed on Him and be ready for when we are able to move again.

Call To The Nations Conference

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There was uncertainty about the conference, should it go ahead or not? However, the organisers felt that it was too short notice to cancel it. Numbers were really down and it was felt the conference should close in the afternoon as the evening speaker (Matthew Skirton of OM) had to self isolate, this still turned out to be a blessed time as those who came to listen to the speakers with great interest and were able to speak with the many of the missionary exhibitors afterwards. I was so thrilled when a young man came up to me and asked if we had some books for a young Christian, he came to know the Lord 3 months ago. Pray for Rob as he grows in the faith. Many too, were looking for books to help then in a closer walk with Our Lord.