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Christian Resources Exhibition

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The Exhibition ran for three days and I was able to attend on the last day, what a privilege it was to meet and talk with people who had a passion for lost souls. I was able to share a table with OM Special Projects to display a range of The Missing Peace Booklet in different languages.

First came a lady asking for copies in Spanish, she took all we had, then another person stop by asked if we had it in Portuguese as they work among them here in the UK and overseas, then followed a request for Nepalese version and so this continued most of the day, request after request. Most of these people are willing to get these versions translated and then we will print here in the UK. Another visitor was a mother of 91 and her daughter, the love of God just flowed out through them and it was great to hear their story. It was good to meet up with George Verwer, looking good after his triple heart bypass operation. It was wonderful how doors were opening and people sharing what they are doing for the Lord. London is a massive Mission Field and we are happy to support them in reaching the lost.
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