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Christmas 2020

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I sit here knowing that Christmas is going to be so different for so many of us around the world, we all want to be with our families and love ones but COVID 19 has changed our lives so much. Where ever you are and whatever you are doing, please stay safe knowing that underneath us are the everlasting arms. May you know Peace of Our Lord and Saviour over Christmas and throughout the coming New Year.

With only one trip to the Balkans in February and March, its been a very hard and difficult year, yes I will admit there where times when I felt very low and thought, is this the end of my ministry. Then, a phone call, a Skype or WhatsApp connection from the Balkans lifts me and I’m back on firm ground. So much has been happening this year, seeing the team pushing on for Our Lord, although at a slower rate, it’s excited me so much and now I am looking forward to 2021 and see what God has in store for us.

A brief overview of 2020:

Peace With God, the book by Billy Graham was reprinted in Macedonia after so many people wanted to read it. This was due to reaching out to people and helping them through COVID19.
The Missing Peace booklet was printed in Hungary and distributed, looking at a reprint soon.
A new kitchen for the refugee camp in Sid Northern Serbia.
The refugee camp has to date been virus-free and the work still going on.
Christian book tables have gone ahead here in the UK and the demand for The Missing Peace booklet has grown and needed in many different languages.
I have spent a great deal of time arranging translations for this booklet, a few people have asked if I have lost interest in the Balkans, No is the answer, I cannot get back there quick enough. After spending some time at the refugee camp earlier this year I saw the need and people asked for this booklet in thier own language. We normally try to do one, maybe two translations a year, so on the positive side it’s been a blessing to press ahead with many more. Here are a few that are in progress right now: Greek, Turkish, Romanian, German, Russian, French, Persian and three more languages for India.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to say a very big thank you for all your prayers and support and I feel very privilege to be working with a great group of people in the Balkans and also you as a prayer team. This is His work and we are all in this together. Please stay safe, continue to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk – God Bless – Tony Packer