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COVID-19 does not shut us down!

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COVID – 19 has changed the world and the way we do things but we have a never changing and Loving God

Despite the limitations that we are all facing we find plenty of opportunities to reach out to people, whether on the streets or parks, neighborhood or on social media. We want to be sensitive to the concerns people have about getting infected with the virus. We respect the guidelines of our government so we have masks and disinfectant with us as well as being more careful about keeping the recommended distance.
Less open air preaching, but many 1 to 1 conversations.
During the last weeks we took a break from gathering crowds. But we always find people to talk to. One of them was JAN from the Czech Republic. He is a chimney sweeper and dancer (what a combination!) and told Stefan right away about his mystic experiences with Muslim Sufis. Then he said something very interesting: but after these practices are over everything is back to how it was before.” We could share about the personal change and objective hope we found through trusting in CHRIST. Whatever the circumstances might be, may we trust that GOD wants to use us in taking the GOOD NEWS to people who desperately need it. Thank you again for all your prayer support. Please give all Praise and Glory to Him who has given us so many new opportunities to serve Him – Brother Tony