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You are all in my thoughts and prayers as we continue in lockdown, these are certainly difficult time for every one, but let us keep our eyes fixed on Him and be ready for when we are able to move again.

God is answering prayers

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This was a special time spent to gather over a meal as this family shared with me how God was calling them to leave their jobs and serve Him in the Northern part of Serbia. The young man in the front is called Stefan, he is so on fire for the Lord and serving Him full time. He is getting married in May to a lovely Christian called Daniela.

The family are: - Bobin, Milica, Mia, Anna and Bogdan, (I am on the end) just a few years ago they wanted to go to Australia for have a better life but when God spoke, they obeyed. Please pray for these two families as they set out to serve Our Lord. More stories of a new generation of young men and women rising up to serve Him will follow. Thank you for your time in reading this and praying for them. May God continue to Bless you – Tony
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This photo made me smile. As we sat having our meal together talking about the future, Bogdan just smiled as if he knew what we were saying and pointed heavenwards, may he grow up to love and serve Our Lord.