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Greetings from Northern Ireland

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Greetings from Northern Ireland where I am with my daughter and family. Update: - 23rd August 2020 Although not being able to travel to the Balkans, I remain restless and homesick but at the same time, I rest in His Peace. I sent a message to the Christians in Serbian but unfortunately, the translation came out wrong, it read that I was at home very sick…….

…..This was soon corrected through a WhatsApp call and everyone was happy. Well, the coronavirus continues to be the top talking point in most countries and seems to be controlling our lives, please don’t get me wrong, I am concerned about it and we have to do everything to stop it spreading. However, news coming from different parts of the world are not mentioning the virus but emails are full of what God is doing.

England: - Christian Book Tables in Market towns are being very fruitful, Bibles are being bought and many, many people seeking Salvation, also many have given their lives to Him and put in touch with churches.

Finland: - Groups of young people are meeting together for prayer and Bible Study, for some it’s the first time they have read through the whole Bible. Some of these people attended OM Transform.

Mexico: - Two sisters (Nadia & Zaira) who I wrote about their time at Transform when their cases were lost for the whole week, they are still going strong for the Lord and sharing His love with others.

Borneo: - God is still protecting the children’s work there with no outbreaks of the virus, so much to Praise God for.

Hungary: - Summer camps going ahead.

Serbia: - Please pray for Sasa, He has spent time at Bible School to get to know the scriptures and help out behind the scenes but now he is starting up a youth group in the town of Backa Palanka, the first youth group in 30 years. Stefan and his wife Daniela also live there, he has started a car wash business to help raise money for himself and the other young Christians who have been called to serve Our Lord, this is having a major effect in the town. The newspapers have done a write up on them and also about the church, border guards have been coming asking questions and want to know more and if they can help in any way. This is an answer to prayer as we use their boarder crossing three or four times a week to get to different countries.

Let us continue to share His Love with others and take every opportunity through this difficult period to Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. Should have photos for the next update. I am so grateful for your prayers and support – God is answering prayer - Tony