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Luke 10 v 1 – 3. As I sat thinking and praying about what I should write in my first update, I realised that whatever I wrote will also apply to me. Sixty years ago (1962) God spoke to me from the above verses and within a few months, I found myself on Operation Mobilisation. I often prayed for workers then felt God saying why are you not going. I was young free and had no commitments other than to serve Our Lord and Master. The photo of George Verwer and myself was taken last November at an exhibition in London, how true those words, didn’t notice them when the photo was taken. A photo of the world was taken in Athens at a conference at a very early morning prayer meeting. Many of those in that photo are serving the Lord overseas. So for 2022, I encourage you, wherever you are, whatever your situation is, let our lives live for Him. Let us pray for the world and let us pray for each other. The world is a small place now as we have so many nationalities living in our local areas. The world is at our feet.
God Bless – Praying for you – Tony Packer