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Tony Packer

July 2020

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Greeting in the Name of Jesus to you All.

It is now four months since I left the Balkans, all the plans that were made last year seem to be disappearing fast as we continue in lockdown but it is wonderful to know that He is in control and I am at peace. There is still so much to rejoice and thank our Lord for, many answers to prayers here and also overseas, so many seeds have been sown and now I believe that we must be ready for the harvest. The first few verses of Luke 10 spring to mind, "The harvest is ripe but the labourers are few", pray that the Lord of the harvest will send out labourers. Thank you for your continued prayer support, not only here for the Balkans but also for a Global Passion for the whole world.



1: - Two weeks of summer camps will be going ahead in Erdevik, Northern Serbia.

2: - The work continues in the refugee camp in Sid but has been reduced because of volunteers unable to travel. Praise God that there still has been no virus outbreaks.

3: - Pray for Stefan and Daniela as they get married on 10th July – God Bless you both as you serve Him.


4: - Request for help to supply children’s magazines for their summer camp this year, over two thousand children and teenagers will pass through these camps. We have said yes, we will supply the materials. We already sponsor the printing of a quarterly magazine for the younger people and the demand is growing.


5: - Many reports are coming in of non Christians hearing the Word of God over social media and responding by letters, emails and phone calls, many in tears.

As we come through this very difficult time of uncertainty, let's commit ourselves afresh to serve Him faithfully.

God Bless - Tony