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July 2020 Update

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Day by day plans are changing not just in Serbia but the whole wide world, one of the greatest things I rejoice in, is that we have an unchanging God and He is with us every moment of everyday. I guess there is so much to ask for prayer but I believe the greatest thing right now is to pray for those who are hearing the Word of God for the first time that they will come to know Jesus in a real way.

Yesterday I went for a prayer walk along the River Severn, it hit me so hard, we seem to spend so much time in talking and praying about the difficult times we are in and we are not talking and praying enough for lost souls and what God is doing. It is right to pray for the situation we find ourselves in but please don’t forget the lost souls that are out there, it’s all about Him.

Balkans Update.

It’s a great joy when speaking with my brothers and sisters in the Balkans to see how happy they are and taking every opportunity to share the gospel. The family that gave up everything and moved to the north are so happy and committed to serving Our Lord there and through these difficult times have no regrets in obeying the call to give up everything and follow Him.

Because there will be no summer camps this year, time will be spent in laying foundations for two containers which have been converted into toilets and shower rooms. At this moment of time, summer camps are going ahead in Hungary, please pray that these young people will come to know Jesus as their Saviour. A new kitchen will be installed in the refugee camp shortly, will give an update next week. We thank all those who have supported this project.

God Bless - Tony.