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Latest News - 18-05-2020

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The Missing Peace

Today, I have received news that Missing Peace will be going to print very soon in Hungary, this has been delayed because of the virus but things have started to move again in the Balkans. We have waited nearly a year for this, so there is so much to Praise and Thank God for.

Restrictions were lifted in Serbia and Christians were able to meet again for Sunday services, the first one being yesterday 17th. I continue to keep in contact with them two or three times a week. 1000’s of people have listened to gospel messages through social media, now the hard work starts in contacting many people and we are really praying and believing God for great things in these coming days. We are also pleased to say that prayers are being answered for the refugee camp, limited help is still being given but there are no outbreaks of the virus.

News is coming in of refugees that have been through the camp and found Jesus as their Saviour and have now moved on to different places in Europe and further afield and they are now sharing their faith with so many. It’s wonderful that they are also sharing their new found love for Jesus with their own people as well as others.

How are you all coping with this virus and the lock down? Different people are handling it in different ways, for some of you it maybe not so good and I now know how you feel. Saturday night I had a very restless night without much sleep and Sunday the devil really hit me, he threw everything at me and made me feel worthless. I just had to cry out to God and ask for forgiveness for anything in my life that shouldn’t be there, I’m ok now. I share this with you because so often people think life is going so well for us but we also get attacked. This also helps me to pray more earnestly for you all

Please pray for me , I’m feeling very restless and home sick, just longing to be back in Serbia and beyond but who knows when this will be, only God and we are in His hands. Our plans are not always His plans and so I continue to rest in Him.

God Bless - Tony