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May 9th Update

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Things to Praise and Thank God for:

1: - To date, there are no outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus in the village where 1000 children are being looked after.

2: - No outbreaks of the virus in the refugee camp in Sid – Serbia

3: - Everyone remains well and virus free on the OM ship 'Logos Hope'

4: - O A C (Open Air Campaigners) Stefan Hofler with a small team is now back on the streets in Austria doing Outreach

5: - Also to Thank and Praise Him for all the services going out on social media, we had a wonderful time of PRAYER last Wednesday evening as a group of us met on Zoom.
Things for Prayer:

As we continue through this time of lockdown, let us continue to Pray.

1: - News is coming in of a number of Christians going down with this virus, one young man here in Bristol is very ill.

2: - Let us continue to lift up all the front line workers in what ever role they are in.

3: - Last Thursday should have been our evening of Prayer for the persecuted Church and Christians, as we think of our own situation and isolation, please continue to remembers those who have been in prison for years with out any freedom and without Bibles to read - LET US NOT FORGET THEM.

In closing, I must share this as encouragement to Pray, (Names and places cannot be revealed). News came through of a man who walked into a second hand bookshop in the Middle East and purchased a Bible as he had been looking for one. After reading it he asked God 'how does he meet another Christian' as Christians are not allowed to meet together, God through a wonderful way led him into contact with another person who was a Christian. Praise Him – God Bless - Tony.

(Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash)