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You are all in my thoughts and prayers as we continue in lockdown, these are certainly difficult time for every one, but let us keep our eyes fixed on Him and be ready for when we are able to move again.

News Update

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It was great to meet up with Sasa again as he leads up the work in a difficult area of Nis, I was there three years ago and spoke at the church when there were only a few people gathering. It was a great joy to see so many people meeting together and the work has grown. Will be spending time with Sasa next year. Please continue to pray for him as he serves the Lord in Serbia, as you can see prayers are being answered and we are looking to God for greater things. God Bless - Tony
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News Update

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I would value your prayers greatly as after much thought and prayer I will be diverting back to the Balkans to visit some of the hot spots before flying back home. This is to pray with and encourage those who are going through persecution for Our Lord and Saviour. I was going to make this trip in September but as they are not going to operate on my left eye until next year, felt this need was urgent and it’s been lying heavy on my heart. At the moment, I am enjoying time with my family in Ireland among other things - God Bless - Tony

News Update

A few highlights:-

It's always good to visit David and Lydia in Trieste, they took care of me in the 1960’s.

From Trieste, an overnight coach trip to Beograd and a meeting with a Church Leader for breakfast and prayer, the coach was nearly two hours late arriving but he waited in sub-zero temperatures for the coach to arrive. What a time we had in the café!, then he asked if I would do ten short messages to go out into the Balkans, filming we trust will start in May 2019.

Further south to Arandelovac to meet up with Brother Simo, a dear brother who has suffered a great deal for the Gospel in the old Yugoslavia. and speaking with many people on a one to one basis and encouraging the Christians.

A young teenager asked her father, "Why does Tony keep coming back here, its such a bad Country to live in?", he replied, "God called Tony to this country 50 years ago and this is where God still wants him to share His love with others".
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Then to the north of Serbia, church meetings and one to one for prayer and encouragement, then a visit to the campsite, everything was bare, standing alone is the new shelter that was built last year and we discussed the building programme for 2019. We praise God that through this campsite new life has begun in the hearts of many young people.

Thank you for your prayers, may God Bless you all greatly - Tony