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News Update May 2020

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Austria: - The OAC teams have started back on their street ministry once a week for the time being, further ministries will happen as and when more of the lockdown restrictions are lifted. We can really Praise the Lord for this. Many lives have been changed through the OAC ministries in Austria.

Serbia: - Restrictions are also being lifted there and church meetings are being now held once on a Sunday for the time being. It's been wonderful to keep in contact through social media with the young men and families. Borders are also open to allow many people to move from one state to another. How I long to be back there working side by side with them.

We continue to thank God that the refugee camp still remains virus free, this is some thing to really Praise Him for, if you saw the conditions you would be amazed that there is no virus there.
Missing Peace: - Next week, God willing I will be picking up copies from the printers of the Missing Peace in Hindi and Spanish to have them distributed to those requiring them in the UK. These leaflets can be used by anyone so if you could use some then please let us know.

Last year, you may remember I mentioned about my sister-in-law who was suffering from cancer, she went to glory last Saturday and the funeral is in Yeovil (Somerset) on Thursday 4th June. Please pray for my Brother Ken and the family and grand children. Last year before she was taken really ill, we went for a meal and Shirley came out with this: - Here in the free world with all we have, how many of us are ready to go to prison or even die for our Lord. Then she turned to me and said, Tony are you ready for prison again in the Balkans She was not afraid to share her faith – Philippians 1 v 21. – God Bless - Tony