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November 2020 update

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Hungary - Global Passion has worked alongside Eric and Rosemary Barrett of 4H in supplying children’s quarterly magazines for many years. This year we were able to have the booklet “The Missing Peace” translated and printed into Hungarian. I just want to share with you all the following email I received from them over the weekend.

The email -

We asked some of the churches if they would like copies of “The Missing Peace” booklet in Hungarian. The very first to reply, and quickly, was one of the top Hungarian theologians and he requested 500. He is a very discerning Brother, so that was a big encouragement to us, and we hope to you too. Then a leader of the Hungarian mission to Roma people asked for 1000, so we are flying.

All told, over a five day period. from a great distance, we will now be distributing over 4000 of the booklets, a really good start among the Hungarian populations!

Lots more request will follow, we are sure, and we pray the Lord will speak to many through the booklet and draw many more people to Him

Thank you for inviting us to be a small part of “The Missing Peace” story.

In these difficult times, God is working and your/our prayers are being answered and more people than ever are hearing and responding to the Word of God. This was exciting news for me and wonderful encouragement. I trust it will be to you as well – God Bless - Tony