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October Update

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Right now I am in Northern Ireland with my family but since being here lockdown has imposed a number of regulations, so no meetings but hoping to connect with a number of people by phone in both North and Southern Ireland. Before lockdown I was able to speak with a Chinese person here who is a Christian and share our thoughts and prayer, hoping to speak in her church in due course.


1: I guess my biggest prayer request right now is for those serving on the frontlines, that God will keep and protect them from this virus. Though the Balkans is my mission field, for me this is a Global Prayer request for the whole World.

2: Serbia - I'm keeping in constant touch with the team there and I praise God that the work continues but at a lesser rate, the team still have passion and a desire to push ahead.

3: This long period of being at home has created a new vision, one that I believe will be used greatly but, at the same time still keep my feet firmly on the ground for the Balkans. Most of you have heard of the tract/booklet “The Missing Peace” and many Pastors and street workers in the UK are asking Ray for copies of it. We are in the midst of having it translated and printed into five more European languages but requests are coming in from further afield for ten more languages for it to be translated to and put onto the GlobalPassion and MissingPeace websites. Jonathan Harris (Cardiff) requested five languages for Wales alone.

I rejoice with you and rejoice in Him, please remember, where ever you are and what ever you are doing, this is His Work and we must give Him 100%. For me, Philippians 1 v 21 still remains true to my heart since my time in prison in the Sixties. God Bless – Brother Tony.