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As I sit here in my home, there is so much that I would love to share but due to the nature of the situations it is difficult for me to give names and places publicly. However, if you would like more details please drop me a email and a phone number and we can talk.


1: - For a 17 year old young lady who will not denounce her faith and therefore remains in captivity.

2: - Christians caught holding Sunday School's in their homes are fined up to a weeks wages.

3: - Christians caught printing Christian material are still being held prisoners and given deadlines to pay heavy fines but it doesn’t guarantee their freedom

4: - Guinea, a country next to Sierra Leone. A country of around 13.5 million people, over 90% Muslim. Please pray for our brothers and sisters there.

1: - I mentioned on 20th April, the Mission in the far East caring for 100’s of children, this should have been 1000 children, yes a 1000 children! While still trying to observe the government rules and doing the best they can, it is almost impossible for this to happen 100% however, I am pleased to say that to date, no virus outbreaks have been recorded. Please keep praying and thanking God for this situation.

2: - Stories continue to come in of Christians examining their lives and realising that they have not given God the rightful place in their lives.

3: - There seems to be a hunger for God as people are asking for prayer through these difficult days.

We are hearing so much about PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and how important it is and rightly so, but let us also look at and read Ephesians 6 and remember to put on our SPE - Spiritual Protection Equipment.

Thank you for your prayers, please continue to lift each other before the Throne of God, God Bless - Tony.