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Tony Packer

September 2020

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I cannot believe its a month since I last wrote a update, in these difficult times things are still happening but on a much smaller scale but there is still much to Thank and Praise God for.

I stand in awe that there are no outbreaks in the refugee camp and a small team can continue to work there, the team also remain free and are pressing on for the Lord in many different ways.
I am still waiting to receive a report on the summer camps in Hungary and will post that as soon as I receive it.

I and many other people have written reports about the way God is working and lives being changed, but this month I want to focus on refugees.

As we enter the winter months let us lift up those who are working among refugees, you may know some by name but there are 100’s of workers out there, please pray for them.

My eyes have been opened seeing the camps in Serbia and Macedonia and we all seen the reports about the refugee camp that was burned down in Greece, these are small camps compared with some countries where there are 200,000 plus people in the camps. My heart is heavy with what I have seen. So I am asking prayer for the workers that they will be protected from harm and from viruses. These people are a special breed as they minister to the refugee’s practical needs which then leads to questions being asked, "why are you doing this"? The door is then open to share God’s love and 1000’s come to know Jesus as their Saviour. This past month I have been working on a number of projects but will report on that in my next up date.