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Serbia 12th October 2021

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I have spoken about Stefan many times in my reports. I met Stefan when visiting the Bible School in Nis, Southern Serbia where he was a student and soon learned that he was the grandson of my dear friend Simo. He had a real passion for the Lord and to serve Him faithfully, He turned down the offer of a three year Bible study course at London Bible College to remain in Serbia and serve his Lord. Last year Stefan married a lovely Christian Lady called Daniela and now they serve Our Lord and Saviour in the Northern town called Backa Palanka. Stefan and Daniela have a heart for the young people and we are seeing many come to Jesus as their Saviour. Stefan is also a very good teacher of the Word to both young and older people and is involved in a number of churches in all areas of the Balkans. Young as he is, please pray for him and Daniela that their lives will be a wonderful example to all who connect with them. God Bless - Tony.