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Tony Packer

Serbia 27th September 2021

I am sorry to bring you sad news from the Balkans and Bristol. Three weeks ago our dear brother Timothy Ralevic was rushed into hospital with COVID-19. At first he made a brief recovery but God called him home a week ago. We shall miss him greatly. His father Simo is also poorly (not COVID-19) and wasn’t able to attend the funeral.

Yesterday I had the joy of sharing on video with brother Simo, Stefan was visiting his grandfather (Simo) in Arandelovac and it was a great joy to have sweet fellowship with him. He is now very ill and ready for his heavenly Father to take him home. I have known Simo since 1965 and God has used him greatly over the many years. He also served many sentences of imprisonment under communism for the sake of the gospel. Please pray that he may be kept comfortable in these later days.

As you are all aware I was hoping to have travelled back to the Balkans this month but after seeing my consultant regarding pain in my right hip, this now is impossible and I am waiting for an operation due later this year or early next. Please pray that it will be sooner rather than later. But I will end on some good news. Within a few days Stefan along with the young people will be visiting every home in Backa Palanka. Stefan is the pastor of the church in Backa Palanka and was married just a few months ago. I'll do a short write up about them next week. God Bless – Brother Tony