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Two main items for prayer

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Here we have two Filipinos receiving The Missing Peace in Tagalog, unfortunately the masks are covering the excitement they are showing. Steve, the Chaplin, was able to pray with these two young men and also with the crew, Steve is able to meet with so many people from most nations as he works on the ship here in Bristol Ports.

There are now many Indonesians on the ships that visit the ports and Steve asked if it was possible to get The Missing Peace translated into Indonesian. We Praise God that after speaking with a person who had connections, if he knew of some one, once again God opened doors and a brother in Borneo offered to do this free of charge. Thank you Lord. Now Steve has asked for a Chinese version. Please Pray for Steve as he labours so faithfully for the Lord in the Ports here in Bristol. Only Eternity will reveal the fruits from the seeds that are sown here.

Summer Camps

No photo’s yet, Please pray for all the summer camps that have opened up once again after COVID 19.

Many camps have started in Serbia ( if only I could be there!), this year they will be held two weeks in the area I work out from, but let us remember all the camps being held in different countries that young people will hear God speaking to them. It’s a big task and leaders are few. Our God is Alive.

Praying for you all – God Bless – Brother Tony