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Update 27th January 2021

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I write with joy and sadness in my heart as news filters through of things going on in the Balkans and elsewhere. But firstly, I would ask for prayers for the families in the Balkans who have lost loved ones to COVID 19 and also for those who are suffering with it. Some of these people have been on fire for Our Lord for a long time. Pray also for the hospital Chaplin’s as they offer words of comfort and encouragement to nurses, doctors and others through this very difficult time. Let us also pray for each other that we too may be a blessing and encouragement to those living nearby.
Amidst the sufferings that are going on around us, there is also much to rejoice over.

1: - I received an email from El Salvador from a young lady who was at an O M Transform conference in Athens in 2019, she has now finished University and waiting on God to show her the next step in her life and be able to use all that she has learnt into the Lord's service.

2: - Austria – Evangelism continues on. and off the streets and many good contacts being made and people seeking God.

3: - UK – People requesting literature from many areas so they can share with other the Love of Jesus.

4: - India – In constant contact, please pray for India as persecution of Christians continues to increase but the Christians are still on fire for the Lord. More languages of the booklet “The Missing Peace” will soon be printed.

5: - Yemen – There has not much been said about this country but the few Christians there (and they are growing in number) face daily persecution close to that of North Korea

Philippians 3 v 13 & 14 --- May I, may all of us press on towards the goal which God has called us

God Bless You All -- Brother Tony.