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Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

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Firstly, as we enter 2021 may you all know His Peace, Joy and Blessings where ever you are. Over the past few days I have been thinking and praying for all of you as you read these memo’s. In these difficult times may you be ready to share your love of Our Lord and Saviour as there are many people around us seeking for peace. A dear friend of mine shared Ephesians 6 with me a few days ago, (I love this passage and spoke on it a few weeks ago) How vital it is that we remain fully equipped as we Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.

What does 2021 have in store for us? I don’t really know but this I do know is, That He is firmly in control. I also believe that we have a very exciting year ahead of us.

The Balkans are suffering from COVID 19 the same as we are with churches closed etc, but many people are still being reached by zoom and other social media ways, the encouraging thing is that many people are still writing or phoning in for more information and leaving their contact details. One church has seen a large increase in the number of people (around 20 people) attending before lockdown. Praise The Lord. We give all thanks and Glory to Him.

Thank you again for your support- God Bless – Brother Tony