You're Special and God Loves YOU

My name is Tony Packer,

I spend a great deal of time encouraging young and older Christians, working along side OM Transform Teams at their conferences, encouraging and praying with many before they go out into the countries where God has called them, visiting independent missionaries, spending time in other Eastern European countries but Serbia and Macedonia is where I spend a great deal of time encouraging, mentoring, speaking and outreach with the young people.

Tony Packer

Up and coming engagements & Prayer points.


Thursday 14th - Leave for Serbia for two weeks.

26th February - A very important prayer meeting at Forest Hill London (if I can fly in on time!)

April - This year will be a Packer Family month as my son and family are back from Australia and my daughter and family
will be joining us for two weeks along with eldest son here in Bristol.

May 2019
- Romania & Hungry

July 2019 - Greece – Operation Mobilisation Transform

Sunday 13th October – Bradley Stoke, Bristol


People have been asking if they are able to obtain this magazine in the UK, the good news is that you are now able to read it on the web or download it anywhere in the world. We thank Eric and Rosemary Barrett of 4H who have made this possible, we also pray God’s Blessing upon them as they make one more trip back to the Balkans before winter really sets in, Please pray for them - Tony

Tony Packer

See my Latest News Page for all my up to date news.

I have known Tony since he first joined Operation Mobilisation over half century ago. God has used him in local churches while he was successful in business helping him to support Gods work and especially OM. Since stepping out of business, often called retirement God has given him a whole new global ministry. Losing his dear wife Rita so suddenly could have knocked him out but instead in answer to prayer it has released him into a whole new dynamic dimension of ministry. I hope you will pray for him and support his ministry. We work together especially in literature projects and he works in association with OM Special Projects which I am the Director of.
George Verwer, Founder and former Director of OM.
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